Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply for the admission of my child in your school during lockdown?
All admission procedures will begin only after the lockdown.
How will my child study from home?
You can download all the assignments and online classes from our website link:
How can my child study without books?
Notes and assignments of the chapters are uploaded on the school website by the teachers. Also, links of pdf files NCERT books will be shared for the students.
My child does not have any textbooks and notebooks of the new classes available at home, can he/she still attend the online classes?
The school is very well aware of the fact that the students do not have new textbooks or new notebooks with them. Hence, the teachers will make sure to provide the students with notes during the classes. And any written/ practice work can be done by them in old/spare notebooks.
Where can I find the timetable of online classes?
How can I contact the teacher if my child faces issues with any topic?
Drop a whatsapp message on +918826308037 or mail us at We will get you in touch with the respective subject teacher. Query time : (10 AM to 3:00 PM)
My child has taken admission in Pre school for the session 2021-22, Is he eligible for taking online classes before lockdown?
Yes, All the students who have completed their admission procedure can download the assignments from the school website. They can mail or whatsapp on +918826308037 for any query.
How can I deposit my child’s school fee?
We will inform you shortly.
I am not able to open assignment files in my device.
You need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader to open PDFs in your device, All the assignments are in PDF format only. Here is the link :
My children is out of town with no internet access . Will the school revise all the assignments after lockdown?
Yes, The school will revise the syllabus.
I have network issues in my area, will the assignments be deleted?
We understand all your concerns, and therefore we do not delete the assignments early. However it is advised for you to try downloading them within 24hours.
Is it mandatory to do the assignments?
All the assignments will form a part of internal assessment.
Do the lessons being taught during online classes cover the syllabus of Unit test 1?
Yes, All the lessons taught in online classes are a part of syllabus.
Will the school take Unit test 1 online?
Any information related to the examinations will be updated on the school website.
When will the book sets be available for purchasing?
Contact on school number to get the latest update related to the book-set. Contact No. : +91-8826308037
I have two contact numbers, one for calling and one for Whatsapp. On which contact number is the school sending all the information?
The school is sending all the information on that contact number which the parent has registered as their default SMS number with the school (which is the Father’s number in maximum cases).
Can the school send the information on my Whatsapp number instead of my registered SMS number?
The parents are requested to download and use Whatsapp on the number which they have registered with the school. Changing the contact numbers at this hour is difficult for the school team.
My job has been shifted from Delhi to Jaipur so how can I get my child’s TC from the school?
In case you had applied for TC before 20.03.2020, you can collect it only after the lockdown ends and school reopens.
I wish to apply for the T.C. what is the procedure?
Kindly refer to the withdrawal norms in the student’s diary. You can submit your application on the school Email id :
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